Best Wireless Earbuds For Running – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Wireless earbuds for running are nice to have if you love listening music and answering phone calls while running. DoYou want wire free earbuds without fiddling with wires while running? Then here are the best selected wireless earbuds for running with SoundThrough functionality (to hear sound of traffic).

Best Wireless Earbuds For Running Reviews & Buyer Guide
Best Wireless Earbuds For Running Reviews & Buyer Guide

Wires are annoying and while you are running you will definitely don’t want to be interrupted because of headphones cables.

Nowadays,because of improvements in battery technology and bluetooth connectivity, runners can find range of best earbuds to enjoy music with fitness manager integration. 

Earbuds prices range from low to high depending upon their features and functionalities.

If you are seeking best wireless earbuds for yourself then stick with me, we will be going to discuss one by one top best wireless earbuds for your running and working out activities and you have to select the best earbuds fulfilling your requirement based upon your use cases.

Best Wireless Earbuds For Running 2019

Buying earbuds for running is somehow tricky as compared to buying general purpose earbuds. Because, you have to pick those earbuds that don’t fall out with some other nice functionalities including noise cancelation, excellent sound quality, Iphone or android compatibility and fitness apps integration etc.

Another important thing to remember is that buying wireless earbuds is bit tricky as compared to buy wired headphones.

It’s somehow bit different and simple to buy wired products and headphones as you just have to check few things and specs as compared to wireless products like earbuds.

However, when you are searching for best wireless earbuds for running then you need something in mind not only from technical point of view but also earbuds functionality through which your earbuds don’t fall out.

Here is a comparison table of top best selected earbuds for you. But stay with me, we will be discussing many important technical terms and valuable information that will help you in Earbuds for Running Buyer’s Guide later.

Best Wireless Earbuds For Running Comparison Table

Best Wireless Earbuds For Running Comparison Table

Earbud Name



Wireless Range Battery Life Price

Jaybird X3 Sport

More Than 2500

98 Feet 8 Hours Check Price 
SENSO Wireless Earbuds More Than 34000 30 feet 8 Hours  Check Price
True Wireless Earbuds Latest Earbuds 32 feet 5 Hours  Check Price
Anker Earbuds NB10 More Than 600 33 feet 5 Hours  Check Price
Sony Extra Bass Earbuds More Than 900 33 feet 8.5 Hours  Check Price
TREBLAB X2 Earphones More Than 1100   10 Hours  Check Price
Phaiser BHS-530 Earbuds More Than 8000 30-40 feet 11 Hours  Check Price
Soundmoov wireless Earbuds More Than 200 33 feet 2 Hours Check Price
ZEUS Running Earbuds More Than 1000 33 feet 8 Hours  Check Price
Jabra Elite Running Earbuds More than 300   4.5 Hours  Check Price

1.Jaybird X3 Sport – Best Sports Earbuds

Jaybird x3 wireless earbuds for running
Jaybird x3 wireless earbuds for running

Jaybird company has done a great job to manufacture best of wireless headphones/earbuds. This is not a new company in earphones manufacturing race but this company is doing their best to produce best quality headphones from years.

But Jaybird X-Series has got some serious attention of their customers and also has got notable popularity among wireless earbuds users.

Here, we are talking about the latest Jaybird earbuds X-Series X3 which is a third version of it’s series. Although this earbud has many improvements and advance features and quality as compared to 1st version of this series, but it’s also starter friendly with sweat-proofUniversal secure fitlong battery life and personalized sound functionalities with some upgrades as well.

Difference Between Jaybird X2 vs X3

If you are thinking about the differences of Jaybird x2 and x3 then there are some minor differences between these earbuds.

Here are some differences between Jaybird x2 & x3 earphones:

Jaybird X2 vs X3

  1. X3 is Smaller in Size which results in hat-prof & muff-proof. So if you wear hat or muff then these are best in design to fit on your ear without sticking out of your ears.
  2. Jarbird X3 has a new app called MySound that let’s you to set the EQ and sound profile of your earbuds. Once you have set a best sound profile then it sets on your earbuds without having a device with you.Nice Functionality, Doesn’t it?
  3. X3 has Bluetooth 4.1 which is energy friendly and results in more battery life of your earbuds.
  4. If you are a frequent traveler then you are going to love this Jaybird X3 earbuds because of it’s proprietary charging port.

By Taking survey to my related friends, Many of them who have tested both X3 and X2 earphones suggested X2 earbuds on X3 because of better connet, battery efficiency, connectivity range and charger misplacement issues as well.

If you are a fan or regular user of Jaybird earphones then you may have knowledge that Logitech has owned Jaybird now and there have been bit of tweaks in drivers as well. So, you can experience better sound in X3 now.

Regarding performance, these earphones has proved to be the best we have tested yet.But, if you are user of a fuller sound kind of signatures then you are not going to have experience as like that because these are just earphones.

These earbuds have 8-hours of battery life and  if you are having short time then you can charge them for 15 minutes and can have 1-hour of battery life.

Noise cancellation is another functionality as many other earbuds have. Most of the runners or during work out, sound cancellation functionality play an important role as you don’t want to hear other sounds but to focus upon your work out.

Overall, Jaybird X3 wireless earbuds are great with lot of improved features, design and build quality. But some people have also reported that they are not much comfortable so it depends whether you find them much comfortable or not.

Jaybird X3 is great for runners, if you want Listen to music while you are running and want your earbuds don’t fall out, then Jaybird X3 is great for you.  

Pros of Jaybird X3

  • Bluetooth 4.1 results in Improved Battery Life
  • Great Sound Quality
  • MySound App enhanced EQ and Sound Profile Functions
  • Smaller in size which fits in your ears
  • Compact Design

Cons of Jaybird X3

  • Not Much Comfortable as some people have reported that
Jaybird x3 earbuds
Jaybird x3 earbuds


2.SENSO Wireless Earbuds – Low Priced Best Selling Earbuds

Senso Wireless earbuds for running
Senso Wireless earbuds for running

These earbuds are extremely budget friendly and have won #Best selling badge on amazon.

As people like most of this kind of budget friendly products.Beside of being budget friendly, these earbuds have also proved a best product and have more than 19 thousands of satisfied customers.

Design build quality of these earbuds is also great. SENSO has done a great job by putting everything at minimal. Color combination is also something i liked most. Red and black color combination has proved to be a best combination if put together nicely and Senso has done this in a great way.

You will receive earbuds with a nice carrying case and three soft ear tips of different sizes. In order to put earphones on your ears nicely, these earphones also have flexible ear clips on both sides.

One of the best thing i liked most about Senso earphones is the provision of car charger fro these earbuds. Although, you may not feel it a big move of Senso but it’s a great step as compared to many other earphone manufacturing companies.

With most of the budget friendly earphones, you have to compromise at some point. But these earphones have top notch functions including True HD high fidelity sound, Waterproof, Longest Battery Life, Bluetooth V4.1, One year Warranty and SECURE FIT Functionality. 

I think you are receiving much as compared to price. 

Although, you are going to get high fidelity sound quality with these Senso earbuds, but it doesn’t mean you will have the same experience as of high end earphones. But these are top best as compared to price.

Because of it’s IPX7 rating, you can use them in your intense workout and running or exercising routines without any trouble.

Overall, Senso wireless earbuds have no issues regarding performance, design and build quality.The device is IPx7 certified,has noise cancellation functionality, sound quality is excellent and no user has complained about lack of comfort-ability as compared to Jaybird earbuds. But, some people have reported about one device to another device connectivity issues.

Pros of Senso Wireless Earbuds

  • Nice Sound Quality
  • Best For Extensive workouts and running activities
  • 3 sizes of ear tips keeps your earbuds on you ears
  • No issues of falling out your earbuds
  • Comfortable and long battery life
  • Noise cancellation is what you expect

Cons of Senso Wireless Earbuds

  • Connectivity Problem if connected from one device then to another
Buy Senso wireless earbuds
Buy Senso wireless earbuds


3.HearFuse – Best True Wireless Earbuds

hearfuse wireless earbuds
hearfuse wireless earbuds

When it comes to true wireless earphones, every company is trying on it’s best to improve and enhance the true wireless functionalities and experiences  as apple did.

What Are True Wireless Earbuds?

True Wireless earbuds have no wires at all attach to them. These are only wireless earbuds without any wires.

Some of the top best true wireless earbuds available on amazon are 

RyuGo Parihy Ebeet DHunterTrebLab

Although, we are moving slowly and steadily but future is not too far from true wireless kind of earphones and here we have it.

What we are discussing right now is HearFuse true wireless earbuds. They are great in design and smaller in size as compared to all those we have discussed till now.

These earbuds have Bluetooth 4.2 and sweat-proof functionality will enhance your work out experience without worrying about earbuds.

Because of latest bluetooth technology, Battery life has been enhanced of these earbuds to 5 hours of music play and 120 hours on standby mode.

You would have better control over the phone calls and music play or pause functions by tapping on the earbuds. Noise cancellation is also a worth noticing functionality of these true earbuds.

Overall HearFuse true earbuds are excellent in design, size and sound quality as well. Everything sounds good and if you are size conscious then these are bet fit for you.

But on the other hand, they don’t charger like other earbuds which is kind of annoying thing. These earbuds charge with a proprietary to a standard USB connector.

If you are ok with charging procedure of HearFuse True Wireless Earbuds then these are worth checking out earbuds. 

Pros of HearFuse Wireless Earbuds

  • Smaller in Size
  • True Wireless Earbuds
  • Sweat Proof Design

Cons of Hearfuse Earbuds

  • Proprietary charging port has some issues
  • Low battery life

Buy Hearfuse True Wireless Earbuds From AMAZON

4.Anker Earbuds NB10 – Best Universal Fit Earbuds

Anker Earbuds NB10
Anker Earbuds NB10

Do you know about Anker company?


Anker is a well known company in the area of power banks and chargers manufacturing. And is considered one of the best company in that area.

When we notice that Anker is going to release earbuds, it was something interesting for us as we already have a clear picture about Anker because of it’s previous products.

Soundbuds NB10 is a pair of earphones released by Anker. But earbuds released by Anker are not true wireless earbuds as they have wires attach to both pairs to keep both fit on your ears.

As compared to other earbuds in the market in same price range, Anker buds are best in sound quality and other features you got with other earbuds.

These earbuds are comfortable which is a most appealing and demanding thing customer seek most in this price range of earbuds.

Anker Wireless are best for running, working out, gym activities, BMX and boxing as well. because of their flexible hooking design, customizable fitClips and ear tips, these are the best suggested sports wireless earbuds which don’t fall out in your extensive work out or exercise activities.

IPX5 water resistant shell and internal nano coating provide a strong support against water and you can use them in rain without having any issues.

Noise Cancellation is passive in these earbuds so will not be creating any artificial effect.

Although, Anker company has claimed for 6 hours of battery with continuous playtime but we have noticed about 3-4 hours of battery time. Battery time also depends upon your usage as well.

Overall, Anker Earbuds are best in their functionality for the price. If you are a starter or want to experience these earbuds in extensive work out and in your training activities then go with them. These will not disappoint you. Because of their performance as compared to price, you can select them without any hesitation.


  • Ultra-Fit
  • Water Resistant and Sweat-proof
  • Extensive Connectivity
  • iPhone 7 Ready
  • Worry-Free Warranty


  • Low battery life


5.Sony Extra Bass Earbuds – With Splash Proof Design

Sony Bass running Wireless Erbuds
Sony Bass running Wireless Erbuds

I think, here is no need to introduce Sony company with you. But Sony MDR Series is something you may have to know about.

Sony MDR Series is famous for creating headphones and earbuds with different specs and improvements as well.

If you have no prior knowledge about Sony MDR series then here are some types of MDR series released by Sony:

You can browse for each series and products in that series on Amazon

To discuss each product in each MDR series is out of this post scope so we have to be limited on Sony Extra Bass Earbuds. 

Right now we are discussing about Sony Extra Bass Earbuds which is a Sony MDR In-ear series including in-ear sports series as we are searching for best earbuds for running.

Reason, why this earbud have been selected in this top best earbuds for running list is because of it’s NFC capability and strong battery endurances we have on this list so far. So it’s totally up to you how you manage the battery enhancement while you are using these earbuds.

On moderate volume, these earphones have about 8 hours of battery usage and if you increase the volume upto maximum then this battery duration will be decreased.

As being a user of these earphones. it’s totally up to you whether you use balanced sound signature or not. These earphones have a sizeable amount of bass to them.

These earbuds are very comfortable to wear for a long period of time with long battery hours, best sound quality, design is also good, lightweight and have best battery live we have tested so far. 

But, if you prefer carrying case with earbuds, then this is not a best earphone for you as you will not get carrying case with these earbuds. 

If earbud carrying case is not a most demanding thing for you then this is a best earbud you can have for running, gym and workout with long battery hours


  • Long battery Life
  • Bass enabled sound quality
  • NFC Enabled is a bonus
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours


  • Don’t Come with a carrying case


6.TREBLAB X2 Earphones – Best Revolutionary True Wireless Earbuds

treblab wireless earbuds
treblab wireless earbuds

Do you have prior how know about TrebLab? Treblab is a company found in 2015 and have tried their best to improve their product specially in sound related products.

According to Treblab officials, they have analyzed the sound market closely and then have tried their best to deliver best quality sound products.

It also seems very accurate if we see at company profile and their products. Just see the true wireless Treblab earbuds image given and look at the design.

Just have a look at the Treblab Company Profile and it’s Wireless Speakers and series of splendid kind of Wireless Earphones, You will be amazed to see their listings of manufactured products.

Without any further ado about Treblab company, let’s discuss best Treblab wireless earbuds for running we have selected today.

Treblab’s best earphone we have selected today is a TREBLAB X2, which are revolutionary earbuds with Beryllium speakers with 3D sound quality and are True Wireless earbuds.

Like many other wireless earbuds, these earphones also have noise cancellation functionality and sports bluetooth with mic phone calls microphones.

X2 earphones comes with X-DROP ear fins with three sizes and fit all ear sizes. If you are a professional gymnast or runner, then these are going to be best fit for you. Beside this these are kind of earphones which don’t fall out while running.

You receive lifetime warranty with these earphones and 30 day returns which proved to be a zero risk purchase.

Treblab x2 is kind of eaphones made to surpass your expectations. X2 means 2-times greater sound, 2-times longer battery and 2-times more life enhancing features.

You can select a soundtrack for your every activity including gym, yoga, travel, driving, biking, commute, exercising, hiking, jogging, meditation, camping,office and running.

Where these earbuds have excellent kind of features and specs, these earphones also have compatibility with many devices including  iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, SE-5s,5,4s,iPod,iPad,iPad Mini,iPad Pro,Macbook,Macbook Air,Macbook Pro,iMac,Mac Pro,Mac Mini,Samsung Galaxy S6,S5,S4,S6 Edge,Edge7,6,5,4,3,Edge,Android,Windows,tablets,laptops,computers.

Overall, Treblab X2 earbuds are great to have experience with in your intense workouts with long battery hours. Treblab claimed 10 hours of battery usage which is very impressive battery timing for earbuds we have reviewed till now.If you are used to Bose, then you may have some difficulty to stick them with your ears.

So, if you are seeking for best wireless earphones for your intense works out, running or gym activities with long battery hours and splendid design, then these are the best selected earbuds you can consider them today.


  • High Tech in every way
  • Unbelievable True Ultra HD Sound
  • Great bass and Volume
  • Crisp and Clear Sound


  • Difficulty of Getting the different size choices of foam tips onto the earbud
  • Difficulty to stick to ears if you are used to Bose
Treblab true wireless earbuds
Treblab true wireless earbuds


7.Phaiser BHS-530 Earbuds – Best Stereo Earphones for Running

Phaiser BHS-530 Earbuds
Phaiser BHS-530 Earbuds

Phiser is another sports wireless earphones producer company who has excellent kind of earphones mostly related to sports earphones.

Best thing that we have noticed about Phaiser earphones is their low price strategy with high quality earphones.

Most of their earbuds are under $40 for prime members. You can browse full list of Phiser earbuds by following this Phaiser company profile link on Amazon.

These are Stereo enabled wireless earbuds for running with mic and lifetime sweat-proof Guarantee.

With these wireless earphones, you enjoy HD sound with 10mm speakers with powerful bass and 4.1 bluetooth technology.

Design of these earphones has been crafted in a way that bullet shaped foam tips provide total isolation from external noise.

These earbuds are Liquipel Nano coating enabled which ensures sweat-proof functionality and save these earbuds from water damage.

So, in case of accidental droping into water, you don’t have to worry now with these earbuds because of their Liquipie Nano coating.

In case of rigorous work outs and running activities, Secure Fit comes into action to facilitate you in a better way. Beside this, memory wires are so flexible that adapts to the size of your head which provides a perfect seal for better listening experience.

Built-in microphone enable you to make calls. Headset has been configured in a way that it automatically reads caller number when a call comes in and music is silenced, after drop out of call, music plays back again automatically.

Now comes the top announcement by Phaiser company:

Phaiser company has provided life time sweat-proof warranty and has stated that if these earbuds will be damagedbecause of sweat then company will provide replacement without any question asked.

Overall, these wireless earbuds are great in performance, sound quality and company is confident enough to provide lifetime sweat-proof warranty against water damages.

These are one of those wireless earphones which don’t fall out from you ears while you are running or doing exercise or gym activities as well.

Although, we have found many good features and functionalities in these wireless earbuds, some people have reported about low sound quality with hissing sound on background. Some people have also put a question mark on comfort-ability of these earbuds as well. 


  • Sweat Proof life time warranty
  • Liquipel Watersafe Technology
  • Long Battery Life
  • Built-in microphone


  • Some people have reported that these are not much comfortable
  • Low Sound quality with hissing on background has also been reported by some people


8.Soundmoov Wireless Earbuds – Best Running & Gym Earbuds

Soundmoov wireless earbuds review
Soundmoov wireless earbuds review

Soundmoov wireless earbuds Review

Although there are not much available Soundmoov earphones on amazon and there are not much reviews written for them by reviewers.

But Soundmoov true wireless earbuds have more than eight hundred satisfied customers with stable ratings on amazon and reviews & feedbacks provided by them proved Soundmoov are in the list of top best true wireless earbuds manufacturing companies.   

Beside this i have also noticed that people are also searching about soundmoov wireless earbuds specially for Soundmoov 316T Mini wireless earbuds. This is the main reason of including soundmoov in this top best earbuds for running list.

Now, let’s discuss bit about Soundmoov 316T and why it’s best.

These true wireless soundmoov earbuds adopts TWS technology for making wireless stereo synchronous connection pairing come true. So one of the strong functionality of these true wireless earbuds is their strong and easy pairing functionality.

You will receive storage box with 450 mAH charging and you can charge 3 times full battery as compared to Jabra Elite Running earbuds charging box which charge earbuds battery for two times. But you can enjoy three hours of music playing with a single charge with Soundmoov earbuds as compared to Jabra this is bit lower battery time as Jabra Elite has 4.5 hours of music playing with a single charge.

Now, comes the best part of these true wireless earbuds which is a Multi function connectivity.

Multi-Function Connectivity of Soundmoov True Wireless Earbuds 

Twins Mode:With twins mode multi function connectivity, you can share same song with both of the earbuds so 2 people can listen same song by sharing earbuds.


Single Mode: You can connect each earbud with a seperate bluetooth device like ipad or iphone.

Soundmoov 316T Earphones are comfortable and secure. These earphones has been designed before analysing thousands people’s ear data and have put special attention to molding angles for ear cap which fit’s to almost all kind of people ears. 

So, you will enjoy more stable, fitting and comfortable wear of earbuds on your ears with these soundmoov wireless earbuds.

Soundmoov 316T wireless earbuds Compatibility:

Soundmoov true wireless 316T earbuds are compatible with the following devices:

iPhone 76S 6 plusLG G5 G4 G3ipod shuffleipod nano 7Samsung Galaxy S7 S6BlackBerryHTCiPad ProBluetooth-enabled tablets.

The earbuds we have reviewed so for have not mentioned that you can wear these earphones while you sleep. But Soundmoov wireless earbuds are so comfortable that soundmoov has mentioned it that you can wear them while you sleep.

You will get “12 Month worry-free warranty” with these soundmoov earbuds.

We have found Soundmoov 316T True Wireless Earbuds very best regarding comfortability, Advance connectivity and pairing technology, easy ear fit , best sound quality and best of all at very low price.

So, if you are a runner, do jogging and gym exercises or searching for best sports true wireless earbuds then you will not find much suited earbuds than Soundmoov 316T true wireless earbuds which you can also use while watching TV or sleeping. The only downside is it’s low battery timing which you can compensate with it’s charging box with three time of full battery charge support.   


  • Charging case has magnetic lid so easy to carry around
  • Very small size and comfortable
  • Fast charging and light weight
  • Easy pairing whatever it’s cell phone or pairing with each other
  • Clear microphone with excellent sound quality


  • Little thinner i think
  • Low battery charging


9.ZEUS Running Earbuds – Best Outdoor Workout Headphones

zeus wireless earbuds for running
zeus wireless earbuds for running

Comfortable lifestyle and authentic music is something ZEUS has focussed upon till the creation of best quality wireless earphones.

Interesting thing about ZEUS Company is it’s tech savvy and fun loving founders. ZEUS FT has been founded in 2015 by the fun loving and tech savvy individuals which i think earphones technology deserve.

ZEUS founders mission is to make tech gears wireless so that everyone should enjoy the sounds they want without the hassle of wires.

In order to produce quality products for creating valuable lifestyle of their users, ZEUS has a dedicated team of designers and engineers to only produce best quality sound products but also to study the customers market and their habits very carefully.

ZEUS FT Has Stated that:

Giving Our Users the perfect listening experience is our Number One Priority.

ZEUS has different range of best earbuds including sports earbuds with latest designs and unique user experience.

You can browse the best selling ZEUS Wireless earbuds with lowest price on amazon by visiting ZEUS Company Profile.  

These are the best earbuds for those who hate fiddling with wires while exercising, working out, running, or professional gymnast.

You will enjoy trendy audiophile in mind with these ZEUS Wireless Earbuds. Comfort is an another most important factor you will feel with these earphones because of their carefully designed earhooks that hugs your ears with full comfort. Ear-tips have been made with a premium silicon and foam.

As for the sound quality, ZEUS earbuds will not disappoint you because of their bass and noise cancellation feature and clear mids.  

You get 8 hours of battery time with a single charge and charging time takes upto 2 hours for complete battery charging.

These earbuds are noise isolated, HD Stereo with IPx7 water proof specification. These are mic supported headphones so you can make calls with hands free comfort.

ZEUS Wireless Earbuds are well known for sports, working out and running activities with long battery hours. So, you can enjoy long working hours with music without fiddling with wires. You are free to perform any indoor outdoor activities and workouts without having any issues. 

What has been improved in these ZEUS Earbuds as compared to older ones:

With New Improved headphones speakers, Some valuable improvements like a balance between deep bass, clear highs and mid have been achieved.

You will receive 60 days no question asked return policy with these running earbuds that don’t fall out from your ears because of their carefully crafted hooks upon your ears.

Overall, we have found these earbuds great for running with a very reasonable price range. If you are thinking of getting high signature sound quality in this price range then this is not going to happened.

If you are seeking best running earbuds with long battery hours and improved sound quality in this price range then these are best fit for your intensive running,working and exercising activities.


  • BEST for SPORT – running, hiking, yoga, gym, fitness, workout.
  • Perfect listening experience with IPx7 waterproof & sweat-proof protection.
  • Comfort and Secure Fit
  • Incredible HD Sound & Noise Isolation earphones
  • Universal connectivity wireless v4.1 technology
  • Powerful Battery


  • May not fit into the ears of some people because of their ear size
ZEUS Running Earbuds
ZEUS Running Earbuds


10.Jabra Elite Running and Fitness Earbuds – With Heart Rate & Activity Tracker

Jabra Elite Running and Fitness Earbuds
Jabra Elite Running and Fitness Earbuds

It’s true that Apple has started this race of true wireless headphones by releasing true wireless AirPods. So the question is: Is Apple only the company we have to buy true wireless headphones from? No, There are also other companies producing true wireless headphones now a days.

In recent months, some other companies has also produced best quality true wireless headphones including Motorola VerveOnesSamsung Galaxy Gear IconXErato Apollo 7Earin

Jabra company has also made his entry in the race of true wireless running earbuds with the release of Jabra Elite Running & Fitness sports earbuds

Jabra company is not only producing earbuds but also small business/office productsIn-Car SpeakerphonesBluetooth Mono etc.

You can see detailed products of Jabra company in each category by visiting the Jabra official page on Amazon.

Jabra has basically upgraded it’s Elite sports earbuds with battery time improvement from 3 hours to 4.5 hours, which is a 50 percent more battery enhancement from it’s older elite sports earbuds. Although, heart rate monitoring functionality has brought from it’s older earbuds version.

So, What makes these Jabra Elite sports earbuds so elite is because of their fully sweat and water-proof functionality.   

You will enjoy in-ear fitness analysis with these earbuds because of their integrated heart rate monitor. These earbuds analyze external sounds and reduce the background sounds for your comfort. So, you can make calls from noisy streets without having any issues.

The purpose of selecting these true wireless earbuds in this list is that they don’t fall out from your ears while you are running.I have placed these best wireless earphones at bottom of the list because of the high price.

Sound quality is also decent but with in ear noise isolation earphones such as these, it become bit tough to get tight seal for best sound quality. You have to try few of the various fins and tips provided by Jabra for your fit.

I always have complain about high quality low battery timing devices and unfortunately these Jabra excellent quality earphones have low battery timing.You will enjoy three hours of music listening with these true wireless earphones.

You can get extra battry easy charging by putting them into their charging case with integrated battery. You can enjoy two additional battery charges from that charging case.

One of the best thing i liked about these earbuds is their integration with ios and android fitness and running apps including Endomondo, RunKeeper, MapMy Fitness, Runtastic, and Strava. Jabra also has its own training management app called Jabra Sport Life that’s good and gives you in-ear coaching and feedback.

The heart rate sensor do its job very well by picking up your heart rate through your ears and take about 5 to 10 seconds before it accurately measures your heart rate.

I can’t list every fitness app aspect of this true wireless earbud as it would be so long to compile but i will only say that Jabra has done a great job in order to place a strong entry in true wireless earbuds arena. 

One of the best practice specially when you purchase some high priced items is to read the product manual carefully.

But i have noticed that people are so lazy to read the product’s manuals which ship with the product for them to read. When you don’t know the right usage and how to keep that product then how can you use that product for a longer time?

Now just go to amazon and read out the real customer feedbacks of any product and you will notice that many of them will be complaining that their device has worked for some time and then stopped. So, people don’t take care of their products specially how to use and where to keep their products kind of questions.

You also have to take some time to first understand the design and working functionality of Jabra true wireless earbuds for running. It has some buttons on it for volume control and play/pause music functions. As device has lot of functionalities regarding fitness and integration with other apps, So here i strongly recommend you to first read the product manual to understand at least those functionalities you have to use on daily basis.

Jabra true wireless earbuds are right fit for runners with a good safety feature who want to hear traffic noise which is called a HearThrough feature. But if your music sound is loud then you will find some difficulty to hear traffic sound.  

If you are a hard core athlete or seeking a wireless earbuds for running then you are going to love these earbuds as they have three years warranty against failure due to sweat. And here is going a top deal from Jabra company:

” If you lost one bud then Jabra will give you a replacement bud. “

Overall, these true wireless earbuds for running and sports is a great  entry of Jabra in true wireless earphones industry. You will get not only earbuds but fitness apps with fitness training management functionalities as well. Downside of these earbuds is their low battery timing and some people may feel discomfort because of the ear tips if not fitted to their ears.

So, if you are had core athlete or runnier or having intense works out and exercising routines then you are going to love these true wireless earbuds.


  • Improved connectivity
  • Really important PassThrough feature for runner
  • Best Sound quality
  • App for personalized fitness guidance
  • Race pace calculator
  • Extremely Secure Fit
  • Well Made charging case


  • Some people have complained about the tips to fit to their ears
  • Some people have also reported about lack of comfort
  • Low battery life
  • No battery indicator on the case


Wireless Earbuds For Running – Buyer’s Guide

Now, It’s an everlasting debate that whether earbuds have any value to us or not. As for any new tech product where there are many supporters there are also some people who don’t seems to be comfortable. happy and satisfied with that product.

If we look in past about their start then we will see a lot of improvements and wireless earphones has covered a long distance to reach today’s stable versions.

Admitted, that sound quality is not much high quality as compared to wired sound devices but to say that earbuds have no value to us is totally unfair.

It’s all because of technology advancement with the passage of time and now we have several improved technologies like Apt-X and Energy efficient bluetooth standards.

Honestly speaking, Wireless audio equipments are a lot closer to the wired sound equipments used in the old days with lot of hassle free life and relief of fiddling with wires. Beside this, how can you keep wired equipment with you and enjoying music or answer to calls while you are running, working out or doing exercise?

With that said now we see at some of the

Advantages of buying wireless earbuds

These benefits are just an effort to make you understand that wireless earbuds are not terrible. These earbuds are just to make you comfortable with tasks you can’t perform with wired earphones or devices. Wireless earbuds are for those people who don’t want to fiddle with wires while they are driving, running, working out, exercising and many more things like that.  

No need to fiddle with wires because of Increased Portability

One of the top best advantage of buying wireless earbuds is it’s increased portability. If we compare it to past, were people able to enjoy music while working, running or doing exercise?

Admitted that now we have very busy life and have no time to enjoy music. But the question is: how can we carry wired music devices with us while working out?

Basically these wireless earbuds and earphones technology emerged because of our busy life and this is a solution found as a result of that.

Another most important factor is the integration of fitness apps and gears with earphones because of which we can keep ourself fit and healthy.

As compared to functionalities, prices are not much high according to my own point of view and this is because of competition otherwise these earbuds as compared to their functionalities deserves much high prices.

So, Wireless earbuds are not so terrible. We can have much improved life style and they make our daily routines bit better with improved technology and enhanced functionalities. If you are not a fan of wireless earbuds then just give a try to some inexpensive earbud and you will definitely feel a difference. This is something earbuds has been introduced “To make a difference in your busy life”  

Improved Transmission Technology

The major difference between wires headphones and wireless earphones is because of their transmission channel.

In wireless earphone, our earphones are connected to the base sound producer wirelessly while in wired headphones, headphone and base sound producer is connected through wire. This is a mojor difference and a success factor for wireless earbuds.

Chargeable batteries is another factor in wireless earbuds because of portability factor. In the beginning wireless earphones batteries were not so powerful to run music for longer time but now this technology is also being improved with some advanced bluetooth and wireless versions as well.

Sound Quality

Yes, you win now. Sound quality is still a notice able point earbuds manufacturing companies should consider.

Beside of lot of improvements and advancement in wireless devices and technology, sound quality is still not so impressive as compared to wired headphones.

Wired headphones are still best regarding sound quality but where we have seen a list of improvements with he passage of time in wireless earbuds, one day sound quality will also be improved to make wireless earbuds stand in front of wired headphones for competition regarding sound quality.

But, it’s all about future advancement and honestly speaking wireless earphones sound quality is not so bad so why are we discussing them like that?

Even if you are in the range, large obstructions between the earbuds and transmitter can cause the sound quality to drop.


Beside of all other valuable points and debates, It’s all depends upon your purpose of buying that product. If we talk about Cordless headphones then they are great regarding sound quality.

But if you are a gamer, then you will definitely be interested to buy gaming headsets. So, it’s all depnds upon your purpose of buying that product.

If you are seeking for headphones to listen music at your PC then definitely go with wired headphones because of their many advantages depending upon your usage scenario.

But if you are seeking for earbuds for running, working out or want to listen music while you are busy in outdoor activities then wired earbuds will not be much suited depending upon your use case.

Always pay detailed attention to the specification of product before buying. Compare those specification with your usage scenario and I guarantee you will find best product for yourself.

Otherwise, subscribe to this site and I will always point out that which product is much suited for which kind use cases and in which scenario this is a best product to go with and where to not consider that product.  

Things To Look For In Wireless Earbuds Before Buying

Wired earphones are too inconvenient for many people to use on daily basis. The only reason they still use wired earphones is because of their cheap price.

But experience provided by wireless earphones is entirely different which should not be missed. Beside this you have a wired free lifestyle to enjoy music, answer phone calls and more importantly you can track your fitness with fitness enabled earbuds as well.

Here are important things you should consider in wireless earbuds before buying them:

Earbuds Battery Life

Battery life is an important factor to consider when buying wireless earphones. Honestly speaking, it’s all depends upon your requirement and usage scenario.

Most of all, everyone try to buy a best earphones because of some reason. So, may be battery life will not be important factor for some people when they would have much higher other functionality as compared to battery timing. But, without improved battery life you will be frustrated after some time. As you will not be able to solve your much higher precedence problem with earbuds if they would not be working or switched off because of low battery timing.

So, when you are going to buy new wireless earphones, pay close attention to battery timing also as compared to other important features in wireless earbuds.

Easy Pairing of wireless earbuds

I have noticed many people having problem regarding pairing their earphones with their devices. This may also be because of new technology. 

This can also be because we don’t want to come out of our comfort zone or don’t have a habbit to explore the things. Anyhow, whatever it is, people feel discomfort at some point to make settings for new tech gears or tech devices.

Best Suggestion is to always see manuals of products where you will find each and every detail regarding that product.

Also, when you are going to buy earbuds then ensure that earbuds have strong pairing functionality and when attached to device then pairing may not drop.

In simple words, you should consider those earbuds which don’t have pairing issues. 

Water & Sweat-Proof

Your eaphone should be water proof and sweat proof as well. This is also a durability factor to retain earbuds life for longer time as compared to those earphones which are not water proof.

Most importantly, we are discussing wireless earbuds for running so if earbuds are not sweat prrof then how can we keep them for longer time?

So, This is a much higher specification to check in earbuds for running that those earbuds are water and sweat proof or not.

Sound Quality

Admitted, sound quality of wireless earbuds can’t compete with wired headphones but here we are comparing wireless earphones only not with wired earphones/headphones.

Before buying your next pair of wireless earbuds for running, you should select earbuds with best sound quality.

Now the question is how can you determined the sound quality of earphones before even buying. You can first search on amazon and when you selected any earphone then go to read reviews about that earphone. You can also drop me question if you are seeking for any product or earbud to get help. It will be my pleasure to serve you. 

Smartphone Apps of Wireless Earbuds

Now a days, earbuds are being supported with apps to check and manage your activities and fitness as well.

Compatibility with smart phones is another important factor you should put attention to. Specially, compatibility with your smart phone you have in hands is of much importance.

So, before buying wireless earphones, double check that whether earbuds have compatibility with your smart phone or not.

If you have any future plan to buy a new smart phone then you can also check compatibility for that smart phone as well.    

Earbuds Which don’t fall out when you are running

As we are discussing about best wireless earphones for running, so it’s also very much important to confirm that whether earphones best fit to our ears or not.

When earphones are manufactured then a close attention is paid by engineers to make earphones design in different sizes(Small, Medium, Large). But these are the standard sizes by studying and analyzing the human ears size design.

So, if your ear size is among those standard ear sizes then you will find your best fit from those three standard provided ear tips. If your ear size is somehow different then you should have to try some other varying ear tips sizes and find a best fit for you.   


Price is a factor where most of the people put great attention as all depends upon afford ability when buying anything. After all no one want to spend his hard earned money in a careless way. 

You should always have to put detailed attention at what you are going to take against your hard earned money and whether that product deserve your money or not.

Beside that, always compare for price and product quality with specs you are going to buy. If price and product specs seems to be good to you then don’t miss that product and go for that. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

Best Wireless Earbuds For Running - Reviews & Buyer's Guide

Wireless earbuds for running are nice to have if you love listening music and answering phone calls while running. DoYou want wire free

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