How to Avoid Foodborne Illness

Hey guys it’s Methow here with another post here to help you how to avoid foodborne illness and get the more out of your meat.

Now I wanted to spend a bit of time talking about how you can minimise your risk to foodborne illness and disease.

It’s estimated that each year roughly one in six Americans or around 48 million people get sick from foodborne disease is also estimated that hundred and 28,000 of these people are hospitalised at 3000 people actually died from foodborne disease every year there’s some big numbers.

However it’s really quite simple to avoid contracting foodborne disease is really a case of education and handling process with your food.

Now there are 31 known foodborne pathogens they include things like Salmonella toxoplasma Listeria Nora virus these are the main offenders and calls and most illness and death.

Protecting yourself and physical illness is really not as difficult as you might think this basic steps that we all need to take to help minimise our exposure to these nasty critter diseases.

Firstly cleaning

We all should be doing it but we probably don’t do it well enough you should be washing your hands with soap and water before preparing food wash your cutting boards including your night with hot soapy water after preparing each infectible food item social chopping veg you don’t need to do it between each different type of vegetable but if you go from chopping chicken or beef and then you Wanna chop some vegetables you got washed that board and knife right down.

Avoid leaving food around at room temperature for a long period of time especially meet this is when bacteria gets in and starts to have a party right on your dinner and ultimately that’s gonna give you an illness

The next rule is separate. You don’t Wanna cross contaminate your food with one another so make sure that utensils, knives, cutting boards are separated so have some stuff to do raw meat and poultry and then have some other stuff to do vegetables.

We really recommend this on chopping boards just have one board separate only to use for meat that way you minimise exposing your raw vegetables to this harmful bacteria.

Next up is cook. Make sure your meat eggs chicken another poultry cooked through thoroughly so all those nasty bacteria been killed off not cause you harm. Which recommended that egss be cooked through so they yoke is hard and an example of this is ground beef should be an internal temperature of around hundred and 60 Fahrenheit.

The best thing when it comes to meet, and what the site is all about, is checking the internal temperature of your meat usually for that we recommend using thermometers.

Next is CHILL so make sure your leftovers and cooked food and chilled properly and bought back down to cold temperatures so that bacteria don’t grow.

Bacteria love room temperature so if you leave that cooked meat out bacteria to start having a party on there is a good give you a stomach bug really quick. If you’ve got a big part big stew split up into separate containers that cooling down nice and quick.

Finally its recommended that you report any suspected foodborne illness be reported to the local department as soon as possible.

This is more relevant forward to eating out in restaurants and cafes and think you might got a stomach bug you got a report that right now.

You might not be really awful it but someone with a weaker system might get the same exposure and they could suffer much more the new secret corporate with the authorities do what you can to highlight these food safety breaches.

So it’s not too hard to step yourself up and make sure you’re doing you can’t avoid the spread of foodborne disease and illness. As with all things health and safety you don’t Wanna be that statistic.

If you need any more information or to find out more about any of the above we recommend you check out the Centre for disease control .

Happy grilling and stay safe.

How to Avoid Foodborne Illness

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