Taylor 808N Weekend Warrior Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer

Taylor 808N Weekend Warrior Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer
Taylor 808N Weekend Warrior Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer

One of the most popular units on the market is the Taylor 808N Weekend Warrior model. You simply place a probe into the meat you are cooking and you are done.

This model allows you to read the internal temperature of the meat without having to hover over it.

When it had reached its optimal internal temperature, pull out the probe and serve. This is meat done as easily as possible.

The Taylor 1479 is another type of wireless BBQ thermometer. You simply place your sensors in the meat and walk up to 200 feet away from the grill.

The unit will ping you when your meat has reached the temperature you need it to be at. This allows even the person doing the grilling to remain social with all their friends instead of wasting time hovering over meat that could still be raw.

For another great option, the Accu-Rite 889 can be an exciting option. This too had a pager that responds to probes placed in the meat as well.

But out of the traditional BBQ method that most of these products can be used in, this one also works with deep fryers, smokers and more.

It is the perfect universal device that helps you get your meat cooked right perfectly every time.

Maverick is another contender in the wireless BBQ thermometer group. Their ET-7 unit can monitor two different types of meat at one time.

This means you can have chicken cooking to one temperature and receive a notification when it is done, and have a steak get a secondary page when it hits the optimal temperature.

For those families that make multiple types of grilled food, this is an exciting option to have.

For the person that wants a solution to just stick it and check that it is done before they flip it off, the Taylor 808N is the ideal item for you.

This unit comes with prongs on the end of a server that can test the temperature and send a wireless signal when the meat is ready.

Then you pull it out of the product as you serve it on a hot plate. There is really no better solution available that proves to be an all around option.

As you can see there are a number of wireless BBQ thermometer options available to the consumer. Depending on your grilling needs, you might find one of these units works better for you than others. They range in price from $17.99 – $129.99 on average so finding one that can fit your budget is easier than ever

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Taylor 808N Weekend Warrior Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer

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